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The Face on the Wall

Sparks from a Flint: Odd Rhymes for Odd Times (1891) As "E. V. L."

Songs of the Bat (1892)

Bernard Barton and his friends: a record of quiet lives (1893)

A Book of Verse for Children (1897)

The Flamp, the Ameliorator, and the Schoolboy's Apprentice (1897)

The War of the Wenuses (1898) with C. L. Graves (a parody of H G Wells's The War of the Worlds)

Charles Lamb and the Lloyds (1898)

Willow and Leather (1898), cricket essays

The Open Road (1899), anthology

The Book of Shops (1899)

Four And Twenty Toilers (1900), poems

What Shall We Do Now? (1900) with Elizabeth Lucas, games book

Domesticities: A Little Book of Household Impressions (1900)

The Visit to London (1902)

Wisdom While You Wait (1903) with C. L. Graves, parody encyclopedia

England Day by Day (1903) with C. L. Graves

Works and Letters of Charles and Mary Lamb (1903–05), editor

Highways and Byways in Sussex (1904)

The Life of Charles Lamb (1905), biography (revised editions 1907 and 1921)

The Friendly Town (1905)

A Wanderer in Holland (1905)

A Wanderer in London (1906)

Fireside and Sunshine (1906)

Listener's Lure (1906)

An Oblique Narration (1906)

Change for a Halfpenny (1906) with C. L. Graves

Signs of the Times, with C. L. Graves

The Doll Doctor (1907)

Character and Comedy (1907)

A Swan and her Friends (1907), about Anna Seward

The Hambledon Men (1907), cricket history

The Gentlest Art (1907), anthology of letters

Another Book of Verses for Children (1907)

Anne's Terrible Good Nature (1908)

Over Bemerton's (1908), novel

If: A Nightmare in the Conditional Mood (1908) with C. L. Graves

Hustled History, Or, As It Might Have Been (1908), with C. L. Graves

The Slowcoach (1908,) fiction

Mr Coggs and other songs for children (1908), with Liza Lehmann

A Wanderer in Paris (1909)

One Day and Another (1909)

Farthest from the Truth (1909)

Good Company – A Rally of Men (1909)

Sir Pulteney (1910), as E. D. Ward, fantasy

Mr Ingleside (1910), novel

The Slowcoach (1910)

The Second Post (1910), anthology of letters

Old Lamps for New (1911)

Harvest Home (1911, Macmillan (1913)

What a Life! (1911), with George Morrow

William Cowper's Letters (1911), editor

A Wanderer in Florence (1912)

London Lavender (1912)

A Little of Everything (1912)

Loiterer's Harvest (1913), essays

A Group of Londoners, privately printed (Minneapolis) (1913)

British Pictures and Their Painters (1913)

Swollen Headed William (1914), parody

A Wanderer in Venice (1914)

All the Papers (1914), with C. L. Graves

Landmarks (1914)

A Picked Company: being a selection of writings (1915), editor

Guillaumism, privately printed (London) (1915)

Her Infinite Variety: A Feminine Portrait Gallery (1915), anthology

In Gentlest Germany (1915)

The Hausfrau Rampant (1916), novel

Cloud and Silver (1916)

The Vermilion Box (1916), novel

London Revisited (1916)

Variety Lane (1916)

His Fatal Beauty: or, The Moore of Chelsea, privately printed (London) (1917)

A Boswell of Baghdad (1917), essays

Outposts of Mercy: The Record of a Visit to Various Units of the Red Cross in Italy (1917)

Twixt Eagle & Dove (1918)

The Phantom Journal and Other Essays and Diversions (1919)

Quoth the Raven (1919)

Mixed Vintages (1919)

Traveller's Joy (1919)

Adventures and Enthusiasms (1920)

David Williams: Founder of the Royal Literary Fund (1920)

Specially Selected (1920)

Verena in the Midst (1920)

Roving East and Roving West (1921)

Urbanities (1921)

Edwin Austin Abbey, Royal Academician, The Record of His Life and Work (1921), biography

Rose and Rose (1922)

Vermeer of Delft (1922)

Giving and Receiving (1922)

You Know What People Are (1922)

Ginevra's Money (1922)

Advisory Ben (1923)

Luck of the Year (1923)

Michael Angelo (1924)

Rembrandt (1924)

A Wanderer among Pictures (1924)

As the Twig Is Straightened (1924)

Encounters and Diversions (1924)

The Same Star (1924), play

Chardin and Vigee-Lebrun (1924)

Michael Angelo (1924)

Rembrandt (1924)

Zigzags in France (1925)

Playtime and Company (1925)

John Constable the Painter (1925)

Introducing London (1925)

A Wanderer in Rome (1926)

Wanderings and Diversions (1926)

Events and Embroideries (1926)

365 Days and One More (1926)

Frans Hals (1926), biography

Giorgione (1926)

Leonardo da Vinci (1926)

Van Dyck (1926)

Velasquez (1926)

Selected Essays, edited by E. A. Woodhouse (1926)

Twelve Songs From "Playtime & Company" (1926)

A Cat Book (1927)

The Joy of Life (1927), anthology of popular poetry

A Fronded Isle (1927)

The More I See of Men: Stray Essays on Dogs (1927)

A Rover I Would Be (1928)

Out of a Clear Sky (1928)

Mr Punch's County Songs (1928)

The Colvins and their Friends (1928), biography

Introducing Paris (1928)

Windfall's Eye (1929)

Turning Things Over (1929), essays

If Dogs Could Write: A Second Canine Miscellany[permanent dead link] (1929), anthology

Vermeer the Magical (1929)

Down the Sky (1930)

Lippincott (1930)

Traveller's Luck (1930), essays

The Pekinese National Anthem (1930)

And Such Small Deer (1931)

The Barber's Clock: A Conversation Piece (1931)

French Leaves (1931)

Visibility Good (1931)

No-Nose at the Show (1931)

At the Sign of the Dove (1932)

The Day of the Dog (1932)

Lemon Verbena (1932), essays

Reading, Writing, and Remembering (1932), autobiography

English Leaves (1933)

Saunterer's Rewards (1933)

Postbag Diversions (1933)

At the Shrine of St Charles (1934), for Charles Lamb anniversary

Pleasure Trove (1935)

The Old Contemporaries (1935)

Only the Other Day (1936)

London Afresh (1937)

All of a Piece (1937)

As the Bee Sucks (1937) illustrated by E. H. Shepard

Adventures and Misgivings (1938)

A Hundred Years of Trent Bridge (1938), editor

Cricket All His Life (1950), edited by Rupert Hart-Davis, cricket writing

Selected Essays of E. V. Lucas

Writings of Edward Verrall Lucas

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