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I started researching the family many years ago, I kind of got carried away as I guess most do.

Some family members are enthusiastic, some not so. Maybe that’s because you never know where your investigations will lead, and obviously they do lead to some very strange people and places.

I have always been interested in history, the family research actually focused my interests into specific areas.

The earliest recording made me wonder what life was really like around Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk at that time. Fortunately there are some really good books about the early history of the town, one in particular Joselyns chronicles is a first hand account of the Abbey at this time.

We then have the association with Henry VII, another path to follow. We then have Sir Charles Lucas and the English Civil Wars. Here I was lucky to come across David Appleby lecturer on early modern History at Nottingham university , being a local lad he has written a very good biography of Sir Charles. An acknowledgement of David’s contribution would not go amiss.

Next my interest spread to Sir Charles siblings. A favourite must be ‘Mad Madge’; the court of the exiled King Charles II, not to forget her writings - Blazing World, is incredible considering it was written  over 350 years ago. Many claim  that this was the first ever ‘Science Friction’ story, who am I to disagree.

Elizabeth Pinckney widened my interest in the New World, as did William who disappeared with the rest of ‘The Lost Colony’ on Roanoke Island.

Other notable names must include EV Lucas and his many stories, Joseph Lucas famous for Automobile Electrical equipment.

George Lucas of Star Wars fame related?  I have recently included links to the Cornish Branch

I put this site together for anyone who shares my passion for discovering who we are.

I am grateful for all contributions , too many to mention .

Lucas Family Tree online

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